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Lushorama is a brand based in Los Angeles, born in the heart of the brazilian fashion designer, Nayana Estanislau. Nayana knows that there is a lot of pressure on women to fit a certain mold, but the woman who chooses to be her authentic self has a special shine to her.
She created Lushorama to help all Lushorama babes around the world to never let life pass them by with the fear of rejection for being authentic - with their style, with their personality, with their beliefs and lifestyle. We celebrate uniqueness! We dream about helping YOU to never second guess yourself and end up just choosing to dull your light in order to fit in!
We understand that it may feel that you have to look and act like everyone else to be popular and succeed in life, but let me tell you something: you are so perfect the way you are. The world needs YOU & your unique shine!
No blending in when you were born to stand out, girl. Ya heard me? We believe that each person has a special shine and that we should live boldly, every day, unapologetically shining that light. 
Shine bright like a diamond. Rihanna knows what I'm talking about.
Haters gonna hate anyways. T Swift knows what's up.
Let's just be ourselves ;)
Nayana Estanislau
CEO Lushorama